Ensim Corporation Announces Enterprise Service Catalog Manager

Automates IT Service Delivery of Physical, Virtual and Cloud Environments

Toronto, Canada — July 9, 2012 - — Ensim Corporation, a leading provider of private, public, and hybrid cloud environments that automate IT service delivery for users, applications, services, and infrastructure for both service providers and enterprises, today announced the availability of Ensim Service Catalog Manager at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2012. Built on the success of Ensim’s Synergy product currently deployed by large telcos, Ensim extends its enterprise infrastructure provisioning and management offerings with the Ensim Service Catalog Manager, a unified self-service IT portal that facilitates on-demand provisioning for private or hybrid cloud computing and works for all the services that are offered by enterprise IT departments and their partners.

Ensim Service Catalog Manager simplifies the process of requesting application and infrastructure services from IT while eliminating the cost and complexity caused by treating each request as a separate, manual project with all its required approvals and exceptions. Ensim Service Catalog Manager is a foundation technology enabling enterprise IT organizations to create a service / product catalog to enable self-service ordering and deliver life-cycle management for IT offerings from either their own data centers or cloud-based services.

Ensim Service Catalog Manager solves IT’s struggle to adapt to the increasing internal demand for cost effective public and private cloud services and gives IT the ability to consolidate the process of requesting standard application and infrastructure services.  Enterprise users can order anything from a phone line, email account, or virtual desktop, to a complete cloud-based virtual data center based on established business policies. Items may or may not appear in the individual users’ catalog based on these authorization policies.  In this way, users simply can’t order services they are not authorized to use.

“Enterprise IT organizations need a way to provide a marketplace for business managers, employees and partners,” said Scott Young, vice president of marketing and product management, Ensim. “The goal of a service catalog is to allow a standard set of IT resources to be bundled and consumed by end-users in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible, but, until now, there were few alternatives to actually deliver all of this capability in a simple, low cost, and reliable, out-of-the-box solution.”

The Ensim Service Catalog Manager allows departments to tailor IT services based on what they actually need, providing business managers with a completely automated, policy-based storefront. The benefits of Ensim Service Catalog Manager include:

  • Standardizes and automates the business processes around service delivery
  • Offers a simple, self-service end-user commerce portal for automated ordering from an easy to populate service / product catalog
  • Provides a clear way to measure the effectiveness of IT by allowing IT to automatically calculate costs and resource consumption at a granular level of the services consumed by each employee, department, or division
  • Supports upgrades and downgrades of service offerings
  • Manages the lifecycle of services and monitors consumption for pay-per-use tracking
  • Improves visibility into demand to help ensure more accurate capacity planning
  • Centrally managed roles, rights, identity and policy ensures highest level of automation
  • Tracks consumption and chargeback and confines to budgetary limits
  • Easily integrates with existing IAM solutions (access, security, compliance)
  • Reports for internal expense allocations or connects to external financial systems


Ensim Service Catalog Manager is fully integrated with the entire line of Ensim provisioning and management automation solutions and is even more powerful when coupled with the Ensim Enterprise Service Operations platform for automated user provisioning, activation, and fine grain entitlement management.

Ensim will be at booth #350 at this week’s Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference taking place from July 8th – 12th in Toronto, Canada.

To schedule a briefing, please contact Jordan Bouclin at Jordan.bouclin@svmpr.com or (401) 490-9700. For more information on Service Catalog Manager, call 1-877-693-6746 or 1-408-496-3700 outside the United States.

Contact Ensim at 1-877-MY-ENSIM or sales@ensim.com. 

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